Documentary Family Photography
Documenting the chaos and capturing the moments

Below is brief description of the different photoshoot options, each one includes a wonderful slideshow of the best images, digital files and fine art mounted prints. Flick has established relationships with skilled print houses and will be happy to help you select and order additional prints and albums of the highest professional quality in a range of finishes and formats.

Half day

From waking up until after lunch, or from early afternoon to bedtime, you choose when you would like Flick to photograph your family. Flick will take the same approach as a full day shoot, capturing countless magical images as you go about your day. Included in the cost of the photoshoot is a slideshow of the day, 25 full resolution digital files and 5 fine art mounted prints.

£450, including slideshow, 25 full resolution digital files and 5 mounted prints

Full day

From sleepy heads at breakfast time all the way through to teeth brushing and stories at bedtime, Flick will spend the whole day with your family. The result will be an exceptionally special record of your unique family life. She will take hundreds of beautiful photos as you go about your day and will then create a careful edit of one hundred photos that you can enjoy in a slideshow.

£795, including extensive slideshow, 50 full resolution digital files and 10 fine art mounted prints.

You and your Baby

Those early weeks and months with your new baby is a magical time that passes in the blink of an eye. Flick is particularly talented at creating the calm and creative atmosphere in which she can best capture the unique bond between you and your new baby. The result will be truly beautiful photographs, presented in a slideshow for you to view at your leisure. Also included in the cost of your photoshoot are 5 fine art mounted prints of you and your baby.

£350, including slideshow, all full resolution digital files and 5 fine art mounted prints.

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