I cannot enthuse enough about Flick Aitken and what she produced for us as a family!! As a husband , I had zero interest in family portraits and photos full stop. I Had always managed to dissuade my wife from booking staged Photography sessions . When my wife told me that she had booked Felicity and described what it was about , I was reasonably relaxed as I was told I could come and go as I pleased and just do our normal things as a family. The time flew by, it was completely relaxed and great fun. When we saw the final results, I was absolutely blown away! She has captured the pure essence of our family life and all the little things that we will forget over time that are real life. It's a million miles from some stuffy , stilted and staged photos with false smiles with all the pressure trying to get the perfect photo in a studio. What she has given us is utterly amazing, a gift! I could not recommend her more!!
Gavin Abrams