A Day in the Life Capturing the Magic In the Everyday

Family Photojournalist AssociationWhen it comes to family photography, have you noticed that it's just the Big Days that get recorded? Weddings, Christenings, Christmas.....that sort of thing. Sometimes a family will have piled into a studio to have some portraits taken, usually a mix of formal and 'fun' poses. The photos can be nice in themselves, but.....do you ever feel like something is missing?

Your family deserves more. Life moves fast. Families move really fast! Before you know it the tiny little moments that belong to just your family can fade from memory - or never really be noticed in the first place. I believe that your family's magic can be found in the everyday, and I make it my job to capture those moments with beautiful photography.

Simply put, I spend a day with your family and let you get on with life while I snap away in the background. The results are always wonderful. Toothbrushing? Lunchtime? Trips to the park? Bedtime stories? Pets? Just hanging out? As you will see in the galleries of some of the families that I have photographed, the everyday is very special indeed.

The result is an extensive gallery of photographs which tells the wonderful story of your day. I work with the best professional printers to help you display your favourite images however you like, from traditional albums to beautifully framed works of art. The choice is endless.

I'd love to hear more about you and your family, so please get in touch.

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